#BIM Services

Strategic BIM guidance to Clients – Local Authority and Private, Contractors and all construction AEC Consultants, subcontractors, suppliers and manufacturers, Facilities Management.

The following services are typical services on offer:

Client Advice

– Client advice and guidance from beginner to expert

– CPD overview of BIM and services

– Client Advisor Role

– Support and assistance for Local Authorities

Organisation BIM Implementation

– Strategy planning for organisations

– Execution planning

– Training advice

– Range of services tailored to specific requirements

– Providing appropriate professional contacts within industry to support ongoing needs

Project BIM Consulting

– Advice and guidance for specific project

– BIM Execution planning

– Building a project team for BIM

– Standards development

– Range of services tailored to specific requirements

BIM Process/Government requirements

– Employers Information Requirements

– Responding to PQQs / procurement tenders

– PAS 1192-2 and PAS 1192-3

– BIM Protocol

Software Solutions

– Advice and Guidance

– Common Data Environments

– Revit, Vectorworks, Navisworks


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