Is a Project Manager right for the role of an Information Manager? #BIM discussion

This blog discusses the BIM Task Group recommendation that the project lead or design team leader may be the most appropriate individual for the role for Information Manager.  The role of the Information Manager is defined specifically within the Construction Industry Council (CIC) Information Manager (CIC, 2013) document and this will be investigated to understand whether […]

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#BIM, construction clients, #socialmedia, @theb1m and #bimregions discussed #ukbimcrew

This blog recognises that Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a fundamental change to a construction industry which has not progressed significantly in line with other industries in relation to productivity.  There are two sections to this post which includes; how can construction industry professionals embrace the opportunity to influence the Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry […]

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Methodologies for #AEC practitioners to transfer & maintain digital information #BIM

The question of this blog asks; what methodologies can be established or maintained by Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) practitioners to ensure effective management and eventual transfer of digital information through design, construct, operations and maintenance phases? It is argued here that it is incumbent on the client to ensure that the consultant team fully […]

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What is the @thenbs Digital Plan of Works? #BIM discussion

Introduction – what is the digital works? The National Building Specification Digital Plan of Works (DPoW) is an online tool that facilitates the process of Building Information Modelling (BIM), in particular relating to the works stage requirements of a project and linking to the 2013 RIBA Plan of Works (, 2015). It has been described that […]

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#COBie and #IFC implementation thoughts #bimthoughts

This blog explores three areas how will Construction Operations Building; information exchange (COBie) be delivered in practice, how can we avoid inadequate content or COBie deliverables being abandoned, and how does the industry ensure IFC and COBie are integral to how the industry works? Additionally this blog asks how IFC and COBie will be practically implemented to […]

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Exploring #BIM object naming #standards – A discussion for debate

This blog looks at Building Information Modelling (BIM) object naming standards information.  In addition to this how this information is then structured with the object, i.e. embedded or linked, is also examined.  This is by no means comprehensive and further debate is welcomed on the subject. The broader context for BIM object information requirements is […]

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#Innovation in the #construction industry #BIM #longread

Introduction This blog investigates the concept of innovation within the construction industry, and how the professionals respond to standards, and what future innovations may arise over the coming years for the construction industry.  A definition of innovation will be explored, as well as some of the wider industry issues that affect the implementation of innovation.  […]

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